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AE Commercial Cleaners has been window cleaning in Newcastle for over seven years. We put a lot of care into our work and pride ourselves on getting the cleanest results possible. Our eye for detail makes us stand out from the competition. Our commercial window cleaning service will leave your windows sparkling clean and streak–free. Contact us today for a FREE window cleaning quote at .

We are available to clean commercial properties such as schools, food establishments, strata buildings, medical centres and hospitals. If you have a commercial building not listed, please contact us so we can discuss if our window cleaning service is suitable for you. We also offer window cleaning services to residential customers. Contact us below, and we’ll be in touch about what we can do for you!

How Often Should You Get Your Windows Cleaned?

This will depend on a few factors: How busy are the roads surrounding your business? How close is your business to the ocean? How many people/animals come into close contact with the glass? Is there food preparation (especially frying) happening in the building? Another thing to think about is how clean you would like your windows to remain. Do you want them always to look clean? Or would you rather they are visibly in need of cleaning before we come around again? Depending on these factors, it could be best to get your windows cleaned on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

This may all seem a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry! We offer a free site visit/quote, so we are more than happy to talk through your requirements and offer guidance.

Having clean windows really makes a difference to your client’s or customer’s first impression. Clean windows send the signal that you care about your business and, therefore, care about your clients. They also let in more natural light, which can make your premises look brighter and more inviting.

Hiring a professional window cleaner in Newcastle is the best way to ensure that your windows are cleaned properly. Commercial window cleaners have the proper equipment and cleaning supplies to get the job done correctly. Scheduling regular window cleaning Newcastle services will help your business look its best and give customers the impression that you care about the appearance of your business.

Why is Commercial Window Cleaning So Important?

Your windows are probably the first thing passers-by and visitors see. This first impression is crucial to how your business is viewed by your clients or potential clients. Not only do clean windows look like you care about your business, but they let more light in, which is better for customers and staff alike. Dirty windows make a business look rundown and unprofessional.

Sometimes windows are dirty for so long that it isn’t until they are cleaned that we appreciate the difference. We’ve all had the satisfaction of looking out of freshly cleaned windows. Imagine how your customers or clients feel when they see your shiny windows. Sometimes, it is on a subconscious level, but it will add to their overall impression of your establishment.

But the benefits don’t stop at aesthetics. If dirt, grime, cobwebs and anything else undesirable is allowed to build up on glass, heat, sun, and even just time will result in either stains or these things getting baked into the glass, which can’t be removed by cleaning. Regular window cleaning is essential for the upkeep and maintenance of your glass.

What is the Cost of Window Cleaning for Commercial Buildings?

Once again, this will completely depend on a number of factors. Where is your business located? How often do you require it to be cleaned? Are we able to clean them at any time, or do they need to be done at a specific time? And, of course, the glass itself! How many panels are there? How high are they? Are they newer or older? Are they easily accessible? So, we encourage you to get in touch at the link below for a free onsite quote. What we can tell you though is that for a small-average sized business of average difficulty, $50-$60 is a good guide.

When considering the cost of commercial window cleaning in Newcastle, it’s important to keep in mind the long-term benefits. Regular window cleaning helps to maintain the aesthetic of your business. It can also prevent long-term damage to your windows, especially in areas with inclement weather. This can save money on repairs and replacement in the long run.

Other factors to consider are the cost of window cleaning products and equipment. A commercial window cleaning company will provide the necessary products and equipment. Also, the safety aspect of trying to clean your windows yourself. Did you know that there were over 6,000 hospitalizations in Australia in 2020-21 due to falls from a ladder? On top of this, there were 95 deaths recorded from a fall from a height. Nobody wants any injuries for you or your staff members. Professional window cleaners are trained and have experience working on ladders and at heights. In most cases, commercially, we have the equipment to ensure that nobody needs to get on a ladder, not even us!

You can have full peace of mind knowing we have all the required public liability insurance so you, your staff, customers and property are covered. And, of course, we have the expertise to leave your windows shiny and streak-free!

When searching for a ‘window cleaner near me’, don’t just settle for the cheapest one. Often, if you pay less now, you pay more later. Cheap window cleaning companies may lack insurance coverage, and any damages may not be covered. They may also do a poor and shoddy job. Hiring a company with a good reputation can make all the difference.

AE Commercial Cleaning has been cleaning windows in and around Newcastle for over seven years. We have the runs on the board to deliver an outstanding window cleaning service. We are reliable, punctual and trustworthy. Contact us today for a FREE commercial window cleaning quote.

Can You Do Window Cleaning in Medical Centres?

Window cleaning in medical centres and hospitals is essential. Dirty windows will send a message to your visitors and patients about the overall cleanliness and hygiene standards of your facility. Pollen, mould and other dirt can further irritate your patient’s symptoms.

Natural light is a great healer. Clean windows allow natural light to shine into your facility, which will help to promote the well-being of your visitors and patients. Sunlight can also help to decrease anxiety and depression. This can help your patients when they have to visit your centre, as they will probably already be nervous and anxious.

AE Commercial Cleaning is committed to delivering a high quality service with 100% customer satisfaction. Our window cleaning visits to your facility will be scheduled at a time that suits you. We work unobtrusively and so will not disturb your staff, visitors or patients. Call us to find out more about medical centre window cleaning in Newcastle.

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