Window Cleaning – Mayfield

About Mayfield

With a long and rich history, Mayfield is a mainstay of Newcastle. No matter what you want, you’ll find it in Mayfield. Browse antiques, enjoy a beer at the pub, find some cheap eats – or the next up-and-coming café.

Mayfield & Window Cleaning

With such a variety of business types and so much competition condensed into such a small space, it’s important to keep your business looking its best.

Being such a busy area isn’t helping, between the heavy traffic along Maitland Rd and hundreds of people waking by, unfortunately nothing can stay clean in those conditions!

How we Can Help

We are honoured that many businesses in Mayfield have already entrusted us with their windows, to make their business as warm and inviting as possible. Whether you are a business owner in Mayfield or would like to get your home windows looking beautiful and clean, give us a call on !