Commercial Cleaning

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Professional cleaners who are hired by an organisation or business undertake commercial cleaning. Businesses prefer to use professional cleaners because they have the experience, equipment and products to ensure the job is done properly. There are different types of commercial cleaning such as:

Office cleaning – Offices become dirty very quickly as people spend long hours working there. Keeping office spaces clean and tidy helps to boost staff morale and productivity. Let’s face it; no one likes to work in a dirty environment.

Medical centre cleaning – Cleaning of medical centres, medical offices and hospitals is crucial to the health and safety of staff, patients and visitors alike. Medical centres experience high traffic and are exposed to germs and bacteria more than any other workplace. It is essential to keep the area not only clean but sanitised too.

Most medical centres recognise the need to employ professional cleaners. Due to the high risk of contagion in these properties, it is necessary to clean them on a daily basis. Special care has to be taken around medical equipment and in patients’ rooms. There is also the issue of confidentiality as cleaners often see things that are of a private nature. It is important to be professional and discreet.

Food shop cleaning – Food establishments are probably the most difficult to keep clean. Many food shops have their own staff to do the cleaning. The problem with this is they are not usually trained for this task. They are also usually busy with other tasks and are tired. This combination leads to quick cleaning and over time the premises becomes dirty.

Hiring professional cleaners is beneficial because they are trained and experienced and only need to focus on that single task. This ensures your food establishment is cleaned to a much higher standard. This will make your customers want to return and so increase your profits.

Food shops that have neglected a regular and proper cleaning schedule often have problems with health inspectors. This may even lead to the premises being shut down. It can be costly when it becomes necessary to perform a deep clean on food premises. Many realise afterwards that it is actually more cost-effective to schedule a regular commercial cleaning service.

Why is it Better to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

Staff are usually busy with their own tasks during worktime; it can be difficult to find the time to clean. In addition, it can be discouraging when they are tasked with cleaning on top of their other tasks. This can lead to demotivated staff, which leads to less productivity and a poor work atmosphere. This poor atmosphere is often felt by customers and decreases the chance they will return.

Commercial cleaners have experience and are professionally trained to keep buildings clean and hygienic. The recent pandemic has made people increasingly focus on hygiene. Clean is not enough anymore, hygiene and sanitisation are now necessary. COVID-19 heightened people’s awareness of the fact that many premises were unhygienic.

Having a clean and hygienic environment is now of paramount importance. Customers and visitors to your establishment will scrutinise how clean your place is more than they did before. One study found that 52% of respondents would avoid a shop entirely if it looked dirty or unappealing from the outside. Another found that 99% of 1,004 customers interviewed would not go back to a poorly cleaned shop.

Here are just a couple of the reasons why hiring a commercial cleaning service is cost-effective. Not only is it good for your pocket but also for your customers and staff. Most people spend the largest amount of time at their workplace than anywhere else and so it’s important that your business premises are clean, hygienic and sanitary.

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