Window Cleaning – Wallsend

About Wallsend

A mainstay of Newcastle, Wallsend has a deep and long history. From the suburb itself to the many businesses that have been lining the main street for decades, Wallsend really feels like home. In fact, it’s the place we call home! But more than just history, in Wallsend you’ll find new & bustling cafes, pubs, pizza joints, restaurants and the famous Op Shop trail.

Wallsend & Window Cleaning

Like every suburb with such a shopping district, it’s important that your business looks it’s best. As people walk past, what do they see? You want your merchandise, office space, reception, display cabinets…to look as beautiful and inviting as possible.

But it’s not just businesses that have dirty windows. We all know the same thing can happen at home too! Grease, grime, little handprints, and big handprints for that matter, often coat our house windows. We can help with that too! From just a glass clean, to getting the screens, frames and tracks cleaned – we’ve got you covered.

That’s Where We Come In

We’ve been window cleaning the majority of Nelson Street and surrounding businesses for years – we know the area like the back of our hand. So if you are a business owner in Nelson Street or Wallsend Village, or you would like to get your windows at home cleaned, give us a call on !