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Floor scrubbing in Newcastle is essential to keep your shop, business or medical centre looking its best. First impressions can make or break your business. The first thing people take notice of when they enter your premises generally are your floors and your windows. If your flooring is dirty or in bad condition, what kind of signal is it sending to your customers or clients?

Our floor scrubbing service will leave your floors shiny, grime-free and looking like new. Our customers are astounded at the difference a professional floor scrubbing service makes. We believe our results speak for themselves. Give us a call today at for a FREE Newcastle floor scrubbing quote.

What is Floor Scrubbing?

Floor scrubbing is the process of using a large industrial rotary scrubber and various cleaners to get in and remove all dirt & debris that have found their way into your hard floors. Unfortunately, while mopping hard floors regularly is important, it may only remove 98% of dirt & debris. If this is the case, what happens to the other 2%? Over time, it will build up as stubborn splotches and stains. You will notice this in our before and after photos to the right. Stains have built up, tile grout has collected dirt, and the pattern in the tile itself is holding reserves of dirt and grease.

This is where having your floors scrubbed with an industrial machine comes in. Much like getting in and scrubbing the floors by hand with a brush, our machines will remove all of the dirt, grime and debris that has accumulated no matter how diligent your efforts with a vacuum and mop. The results speak for themselves! The stains are now gone, the tile grout has improved dramatically, and the tile pattern is now showing the actual colour of the tile instead of black stains.

Why is Scrubbing Floors Important?

As already mentioned, first impressions are formed very easily. If your floor is dirty or in bad condition, your clients or customers will feel like you don’t care about your property. This, in turn, will make them feel like you don’t really care about them. We have found 2 areas that are often overlooked but are crucial to making your business look clean and inviting, and that is clean windows, and a clean floor. A clean floor helps to create a pleasant and appealing atmosphere, which will have a positive impact on your visitors and staff alike.

For example, imagine if you walked into a food outlet, and the floors were dirty, with stains everywhere, and grease and dirt has been walked into the floors over months and months of foot traffic. You’re already thinking of leaving and you’ve only just walked through the door! Now imagine the same outlet, but the floors have had the proper maintenance and look perfectly clean, like they’ve just been laid. That’s just one scenario of how having your floors properly cared for will go incredibly far in giving your customers a great perception and overall experience.

Floor scrubbing is something that is often overlooked. It isn’t just about removing dirt and grime, but also the bacteria and germs that this dirt is holding onto. Floor scrubbing helps to keep your floors free from bacteria and germs that could cause illness. The recent pandemic has made people focus on sanitation more than ever before. A recent study in the US revealed that 86% of those surveyed cited that ‘dirty floors’ negatively impacted their perception of a retail store.

Regular floor scrubbing can help to remove stubborn stains. Stains occur due to spills, grime and dirt, and regular floor scrubbing can stop these stains from settling into the flooring. This can help to extend the life of the flooring and saves on costs, repair or replacement.

Floor tiles and polished concrete require regular cleaning and maintenance using suitable cleaning machines and products. If done badly it can cause more harm than good. Professional floor scrubbing services have the experience necessary to ensure your floors are left shiny, dirt-free and looking like new.

What Kinds of Floors Benefit from Floor Scrubbing?

The category of business we have noticed that benefits the most from this service is fast food outlets. We all know how important it is for fast food outlets to maintain the utmost standards of health and cleanliness, not just for customer perception but also to avoid the risk of contamination. Food outlets also have the most opportunity for floors to become dirty. Foot traffic is high, resulting in dirt being walked into the floors, and scraps of food and grease will inevitably make their way onto the ground for the same thing to happen.

Showrooms with hard floors are another area where floor scrubbing can be of great benefit. Obviously, the point of a showroom is to show off your products and give customers a great representation of your values as a company. Having floors that are as clean as can be is of utmost importance. Again, foot traffic is also high, meaning customers and staff will inadvertently bring in dirt and debris from outside just to make its way into your floors.

Medical practices are also good to think about. With sanitation and cleanliness so crucial, having clean floors that are not harbouring any dirt with its associated bacteria is critical. For medical practices, we recommend our “vinyl strip & seal” for treatment rooms to make sure floors are in the best condition they can be in to repel anything that may be trying to stick to your floors.

But really, any business with hard floors will need scrubbing from time to time! So we encourage you to get in contact with us, and we can talk about what we can do for your hard floors!

How Often Should You Do Floor Scrubbing?

Your schedule of floor scrubbing depends on a few factors, such as the type of floor, the nature of your business and how much foot traffic you get. The floor in a busy food shop will need cleaning more frequently than in a quiet office.

Most schools, food shops and medical centres require floor scrubbing to be done at least once a month. Floor scrubbing is often neglected as it requires specialist machinery and is time-consuming and hard work. The problem with this is that marks and grime build-up, making it even more difficult to clean the floor and requiring more time to do the job.

A commercial floor scrubbing service also has the experience needed to be able to ensure the floors are cleaned properly. This prevents damage, which will increase the lifespan of your flooring. This saves money on costly repairs and replacements in the future. It is important to select a reliable floor scrubbing service in Newcastle or wherever you are based.

AE Commercial Cleaning has the experience, equipment and work excellence to ensure your floors look like new. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we take pride in delivering incredible services. If you are searching for a ‘floor scrubbing service near me’, look no further; just give us a call today at and see why our clients rate us so highly.

Does Floor Scrubbing Have Sanitary Benefits?

COVID-19 protocols took sanitisation to a completely new level. Cold and flu season also makes it important to know the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising. Cleaning removes dirt, dust and other debris from the floor surface, but it doesn’t sanitise or disinfect. Mopping doesn’t remove germs either; it just spreads them around. On the other hand, scrubber machines effectively clean and extract dirt to ensure you meet cleaning and safety standards.

What is the Cost of Floor Scrubbing?

Costs of floor scrubbing in Newcastle will vary greatly, but the national average cost of floor cleaning in 2023 is $250. However, floor scrubbing costs differ depending on various factors:

Floor size. The larger the floor, the higher the cost, obviously, right? This is due to more time and product having to be used.

Floor type. Natural stone floors such as marble, granite, limestone and slate are usually the most expensive to maintain. Marble floors are soft and easily scuffed and stained and are the most expensive to clean.

Cleaning complexity. Flooring that hasn’t been cleaned for a long period will require a much more in-depth cleaning. Vinyl floors may require a strip and seal service. The longer the cleaning takes and the more products that are used the higher the cost. This is why a regular floor scrubbing schedule is recommended. Not only does it save you money in the long run but also maintains your flooring and ensures it stays in its best possible condition.

Most floor cleaning companies charge per square foot for their services. This takes into account labour, cleaning equipment and products, and the level of cleaning and complexity involved.

When hiring a floor cleaning service in Newcastle, don’t just hire the cheapest one. There is a saying ‘if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’. There are many quick-money cleaning companies around. Usually, they don’t have insurance and think that making a quick buck is more important than delivering a good service.

Your flooring is an expensive part of your property. Repair and replacement usually do not come cheap. Damage can be caused easily if floor scrubbing is not done properly or the wrong products are used. It is essential to hire a floor cleaning service that has the experience and a proven track record of reliability and customer satisfaction.

AE Commercial Cleaning is a small firm that has grown through word of mouth over the years. Our client’s satisfaction has been paramount to our business growth. We take it very seriously and always strive to deliver the best floor Newcastle floor scrubbing service possible. We believe our results speak for themselves and our many repeat customers prove this.

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