Window Cleaning – Hamilton

About Hamilton

We all know why we love Hamilton – there’s always something amazing to eat and drink! With the famous Beaumont St and all its cafés, restaurants and takeaways, it is a Newcastle attraction in its own right.

Hamilton & Window Cleaning

However, all of the foot and vehicle traffic means that windows are likely to get dirty very quickly. From personal experience, we’ve also found that depending on the weather, sea spray can also find its way onto windows in Beaumont St. Not being in direct proximity to the beach, it surprised us, too!

We’ve all seen a café, restaurant or business where you can just tell the windows haven’t been cleaned in a long time, and they’re covered in dirt, grease and handprints. It looks unsightly and uninviting, to say the least. Many people will just walk straight past because of it; after all, it’s their first impression and first impressions matter.

The Solution

If you are a business owner, call us today on to see how we can help you. We have been servicing some businesses for 2+ years in Beaumont St., so we more than understand your needs. Let the results speak for themselves; don’t let potential customers just walk past because they can hardly see inside.