Window Cleaning – Bar Beach

About Bar Beach

A suburb located in southwest Newcastle, Bar Beach derives its name from a rock pool along its eastern border called “The Bar”. Bar Beach is steeped in history and has a number of heritage listed buildings and landmarks in the area. It also has some great little café’s and eat-outs. As nice as the suburb is, it’s the amazing beach that attracts thousands of people on a yearly basis, and rightly so – it truly is a spectacular part of the eastern Australian coastline.

Bar Beach & Window Cleaning

If there is one thing that goes hand in hand with seaside suburbs its sea spray. What does this mean for your windows? Nothing good if you don’t stay on top of it with regular cleaning.

Seaspray, if left untreated, will weaken glass, corrode the frame and just cause major problems in general – think glass pitting, calcification, etching, deterioration…You can easily prevent this though, with regular cleaning.

How we Can Help

We have the right products and equipment for the job. We can maintain your business or home windows and prevent the harmful effects of sea salt on glass. So if you would like a quote, give us a call on .